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Issue-44-Welcome To A New Patron, Lindsey Collen Issue-43-Questions From a Worker Who Reads by Bertolt Brecht, 1935 Issue-42-Public Call: Host and Exhibit at the 10th Jozi Book Fair

Issue No 3: JOZI BOOK FAIR 2017 FESTIVAL Issue No 2: Guest of The Launch: Shailja Patel and Kopano Matlwa Issue No 1: Theme: Women  And Literature

Issue No 6: A Fair For The Youth By Youth Issue No 5: JBF 2016 Programme Revealed: An Overview and Highlights Issue No 4: Guests of the Fair: Kemang Wa Lehulere Issue No 3: Launch of JBF Guests: Carol Mashigo Issue No 2: Youth Rising in Jazz Issue No 1: Theme: Youth Rising

Issue No 4: 7th JBF 2015 Successes Issue No 3: Literary Festival in South Africa: what do they represent? Issue No 2: Creating Storytellers Issue No 1: Theme: Children Literature & Childhood  

Issue No 19. Ahead of COP 17: Durban’s Climate Gamble Issue No 18. The impact of social media on reading books Issue No 17. Ellen Banda Aaku Issue No 16.Exhibitor Profiles Issue No 15. For the love of literature Issue No 14. Creative writing Issue No 13. Importance of reading to children Issue No 12. …

Issue No.11. The sol Plaatji Festival Issue No.10. JBF 2010: Women’s writing workshop Issue No.9. First edition of National Book Week Issue No.8. Mother Tongue Literature & Publishing Workshop Issue No.7. National Book Week 2010 Issue No.6. My Class celebrates Women’s Day Issue No.5. The Poverty Trap Roundtable Issue No.4. Profile exhibitors to the Jozi …