Zabalaza Theatre


Inner City Youth has been participating in different theatre workshops and showcases. The TB Youth were taken through different themed workshop series which explored different aspects of theatre, they started off with ‘Devising Monologues’ and ‘Physical Theatre’. The workshops were facilitated by Lawrence Simelane and Chantel Thomas, at the end of the workshop there was a showcases at the end of the workshops. The theatre is being done by youth from different schools and by children of different age groups. The purpose of theatre in Khanya College is to educate the Tsohang Batjha youth of different angles of theatre and drama and as a way to use drama and theatre as a way of communication and engaging in social issues.

Theatre plays a vital role in the growth and development of children and youth. In a space of a month they were able to learn new theatre techniques and produce a theatre piece. The drama done in the theatre session is incorporated to the theme of the Jozi Book Fair because it also concentrates more on literature and the role of media. The first play on the first session revolved around teaching children about theatre, drama and promoted writing and drawing as a way of communication as well as how a stage is structure. The second session of theatre is focusing more on the role of media, how propaganda is used by media in our everyday lives to mislead people and how most stories that are covered by media tends to not be true but the spread of lies just to deceive people into reading their newspapers and for them to make money.

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