US 2020 Elections, Social Movements and Organising (28 November 2020, 15.30 – 17.00)


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JBF 2020 Conversation

US 2020 Elections, Social Movements and Organising

Date and Time: Saturday, 28 November 2020, 15:30- 17:00

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South African black and working class political and social movements have a long history of relationship with movements in the US, dating from the early parts of the 20th century. These links and relationship went through the civil rights movements, the black power and black consciousness movements and the general anti-apartheid struggle. The Black Lives Matter and the elections have generated interest among activists, and we hope this discussion will contribute to movement building in South Africa through reflections on the US experience.


Panellists: James Kilgore, Myaisha Hayes, Basma Eid and Virginia Rodino
Moderator: Oupa Lehulere (Khanya College and Jozi Book Fair)

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