THE Role of Newspapers


Newspapers play a role of informing the public about things happening in the world. Journalists continue to serve us with the latest happenings in different parts of the world through a network of correspondents and news agencies. Even with the rise of social media, newspapers still carry weight and people continue to favour newspapers as they are affordable and are reliable source of information.

Newspapers strive to inform comprehensively about different viewpoint from politicians, celebrities or sports people, buyers then digest the content and produce our own opinions because, the newspaper (if it is a good one) has a larger role in being a central place for the discussion of issues, topics and problems that the community face. It should offer opinions, provide responses and serve as a forum for discourse like reporting on what is the government is doing whether its positive or negative and that through the use of freedom of expression helps us to shape our own opinions on the matter.

As much as social media has become an alternative, there are many reports about “Fake News” and people who post on social media cannot be held accountable unlike journalists who will always do whatever it takes to produce news based on factual information, inside sources and then thoroughly checked so that they do not get into trouble or end up embarrassing the news agencies where they could be sued for defamation. Newspapers remain a more reliable source of news and information, although they can be biased to some extent but they continue to play an important role.

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