Provisional Programme Saturday


Time 09H30 – 10H30

Event Type Events & participants Venue
Workshop Silk-Screening T.Shirts: with Colin Groenwald (Joburg Art Gallery)

Bring a white T.Shirt and join the fun!

Workers Museum: 1
Workshop Parent-Child Poetry Workshop (with Tales for Change) – Deepening relationships between parents and children Workers Museum: 2
Workshop Creativity workshop with Joan Rankin (Award-winning Children’s Book illustrator) – Come and unleash your creativity, irrespective of age or gender. MA 1 Boardroom
Workshop An inquiry – Philosophy for Youth: Theresa Giorza (Wits) –Reason and engage each other to solve an inquiry. MA 2
Workshop Poetry Writing with Rebel Poets, James Matthews & Diana Ferrus. MFS Tent 2
Workshop Journalism – writing for newspapers with Magnus Gustafson (Sweden) –Community and worker journalists especially encouraged to participate. Workers Museum4
Workshop Writing Short Stories with Jayne Bauling

Bauling is a successful author. For all ages.

Museum Africa Arena
Workshop Poetry with worker-poets: Emil Boss (supermarket/service sector worker) & Jenny Wrangborg (restaurant worker) from Sweden. Poetry is for everyone. MA Auditorium

Time 10H00 -10H50

Event Type Events & participants Venue
Walkabout & Bus Tour (limited spaces)

10:00 – 12:30

Workers’ struggle, strikes and popular revolt in Newtown and Fordsburg, with Eric Itzkin (CoJ: Heritage).  A walkabout -tracing historical worker struggles in the city. Meet at Workers Museum Entrance

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JBF Read SA Literature with Wits Students: Down Second Avenue by Eskia Mphalelel – with Tshiamo Lerumo & Otsile Seakeco. Moderator: tbc Museum Africa 3
Conversation JBF Read SA Literature with Wits students: And they did not die by Lauretta Ncgobo, with Thobile Ndimande and When Rain Clouds Gather by Bessie Head. Moderator: tbc Museum Africa 4
Seminar Discussion Trade Unions & worker education in SA Today – Makhi Ndabeni (Ditsela) & Mandla Sishi (Naledi). At one time, worker education was not only  means to access education but provided workers with the analytical tools to understand the society in which they live. Post 1994 there has been a significant decline in worker education. Ndabeni and Sishi focus on the current state of worker education within the trade union movement. Workers Musuem 3 
Conversation Writing Working People. Lindsey Collen in conversation with Maria van Driel. This session will discuss Collen’s approach to writing, and writing about and for working people. MFS: Tent 1
Conversation JBF Read SA Literature: Emma Mashinini’s Strikes have followed me with Ntokozo Mbhele (Numsa)- a focus on the life of a union activist. MFS Exhibition Tent
Panel Discussion Communities & Healthcare: SA, Zimbabwe (Itai Rusike, Community Working Group), Sierra Leone (Joseph Ansumana, Network Movement for Justice & Development), and Kenya (Peninah Nafula, Kamukunj Paralegal Trust. Moderator: Usche Merk (Medico Internatl) – Representatives from Africa discuss healthcare and popular struggles in communities. MFS.  Reception Tent

Time 11H00 – 11H50

Event Type Events & participants Venue
Reading & SPORT


 Read and Play – Soccer and Hockey with InTouch and Mervyn Mooi – In partnership with the JBF. Linking reading, education & sport. MFS next to Food Court
Panel Discussion The Making of the SA Working Class: Luli Callinicos (Gold & Workers), Isabel Hofmeyer (Indian Ocean Diaspora). Moderator: Maria van Driel.

This session discusses the formation of, & historicises the diversity of the SA work class.

MA Boardroom
Conversation A conversation with Jolyn Phillips – The Fisherman/Tjieng Tjang Tcherries

Moderator: Nosipho Mdletshe.

A delightful book written by one of SA’s talented young writers about the lives of people on the West Coast of Cape Town.

MFS Tent 1
Poetry Workshop Poetry with Athena Farrokhzad (Sweden).

Of Iranian origin, Farrokhzad’s work focuses on revolution, migration, war and racism. A rare opportunity for poets.

MFS Reception Tent
Film, Youth Filmmaker Project (Wits) FILM – Leaving our Mark By Ntuthuko Qwabe (Director) and Q&A. Mark a socially conscious graffiti artist finds that even in democratic SA some things stay the same. MA Auditorium

Time 12H00 – 12H50

Event Type Events & participants  Venue
Panel Discussion The Bible and Working People: Mokesh Morar (Christianity & Socialism Today), Sergio Lorenzini (Chile) & Errol Masinga (Jehovah’s Witness).

The Bible is a key text of literature in the lives of many working people. But, what does it say about working people, if anything? Moderator: Alistair Bulutto

MFS Discussion 1
Street Theatre Theatre on the Square: It’s Too Late by Gibson Kente – JBF Inner City Youth.

Director, Searatoa van Driel. Kente is known as the Father of Black Theatre in SA, and focused on the lives of working people. See this performance with JBF’s inner city youth.

Museum Africa, on the steps
Book Launch THE JOURNEY OF LIFE: Short stories with Farayi Matondo & Oscar Banda MA Arena
Workshop Illustration Workshop for Children with EVERART – A hands on workshop. Museum Africa Boardroom
Roundtable Discussion Beyond Policies: Feminising organisations & struggles with 

Ruth Ntlokotse (Numsa), Lindsey Collen (Lalit). Moderator:   tbc  After 20 years of democracy, constitutional rights, countless resolutions and policies, patriarchy thrives and the struggle for women’s emancipation remains as pertinent as ever. This roundtable focuses on the need to concretely feminize the daily expressions of life – including organisations and our struggles?

MFS Reception Tent
Seminar Discussion Seeds of Sound, Fruits of Meaning with Brian Unnaki MF Exhibition Tent
Panel Discussion Challenges – Writing & Publishing Worker Literature: Lessons from Sweden (EB or JW or MG) & SA (Jolyn Phillips) and Sibongile Mashika (Jacana) and Ari Sitas (Moderator). Mainstream publishing tends to sideline the writing of/by working people. Is this different in Sweden? If so, why and how? In Sweden, the Worker Writing Association (FA) organizes worker writers. What is the approach and experience of FA and SA? Workers Museum 1
Film & Discussion Diaries of a dissident poet – directed by Shelly Barry. Discussion with Director & James Matthews. MA Auditorium

Time 13H00 – 13H50

Event Type  Events & participants Venue
Live Music Jazz and various – Fitzroy Ncgukana MFS Tent 2
Book Launch & Conversation – JBF celebrates: 2018 School authors Meet 2018’s JBF Prize-winning SCHOOL AUTHORS -Batjha Kaofela 3: Love is in the Air. Moderators: JBF Patrons Winners of 2018 JBF Short Story Competition – school youth authors –  discuss writing, their dreams and aspirations. Parents and teachers and all TB bookclub members invited. MA Auditorium
Live Poetry Performance

1.15 – 2.00

 Poetry from Sweden: Athena Farrokhzad, Jenny Wrangborg, Emil Boss and Magnus Gustafson. A highlight at the JBF 2018. Ferformance from all four Swedish worker/artists. Their work focuses on contemporary issues: racism, exploitation, war etc.   MFS.  Reception Tent
Book Launch Courage Wins by Hertha Nekwaya hosted by Donate A Poem. MF Exhibition Tent
Exhibition & Discussion Apartheid Israel and the daily life of Palestinians with Mrs. Farehan Farrah (Em Shadi) (PSA). MA 4th Floor

Time 14H00 – 14H50

Event Type  Events & participants Venue
Conversation The Ancient River by Jacklyn Cock – in Conversation with Samson Mokoena, Vaal Economic Justice Alliance (VEJA). This is an interesting book about the intertwining of the lives of rivers and people, in the context of SA’s history. WM 1
Panel Discussion The National Health Insurance (NHI) and Working People – with Gauteng Community Health Workers Forum & People’s Health & others. Healthcare for working people remains severely challenged in post democratic SA. What will the planned NHI mean for the lives of working people? MFS Tent 2
Seminar Discussion Overview: SA Art and Worker Art with Bheki Peterson (Wits). An informative seminar to historically contextualize the theme of the JBF, Literature and Working People, and provide a broader understanding of both SA Art and Worker Art with a renown & progressive academic. k MFS Reception Tent
Discussion 200 Truths about Love, Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang. Pelmo Books MFS Exhibition Tent
Book Launch Her Story: Daughters of Modjadji– Khaloza Books MFS Tent 1

Time 15H00 – 15h50

Event Type Events & participants Venue
Seminar Discussion Mahatma Gandhi’s Reading Theories with Isabel Hofmeyer (Wits). This engaging seminar discusses Gandhi’s theories on reading in response to industrialisation and capitalism, and its impact on human life. MA Boardroom
Street Theatre on the Square Theatre: The LESSON directed by Lawrence Simelane opposite ReceptionTent
Book Launch & Conversation BC Reader (Jacana) with Janet Smith, Paballo Thekiso, Rabbie Serumula & Masego Panyane (Jacana). Join the authors as they exam the history, culture, philosophy and meaning of Black Consciousness through the voices, art, religion, music, writings, politics and the dreams of those who developed it. Serumula will perform poetry to open the event. MFS Children’s Tent
Panel Discussion Poverty, universal income grant – Isabel Frye (SPII), Oxfam (tbc) & Black Sash (tbc). Neoliberal capital has restructured workplaces, increased poverty and unemployment and changed the nature of work. In the context of this widespread struggle for livelihoods, is the universal income grant a viable option?  MFS Tent 2
Panel Discussion Culture and Organising in SA Today: with Ari Sitas, Nise Malange & Maishe Maponya (Moderator).

Culture was an important medium to mobilise and unleash social energies in the anti-apartheid struggle. The seminar brings together veteran anti-apartheid cultural artists/activists to reflect on culture to organize and develop critical consciousness. For cultural activists and practitioners.

MFS Tent 1
Panel Discussion Funding & Activism/Resources for movements: Abu Brima (Network Movement for Justice and Development, Sierre Leone), Eric Otieno (Kaplet), Usche Merk (Medico, Germany).

Moderator: Eli Kodisang (WIEGO). The current context of shrinking funding for social justice struggles, along with the changing nature of work and the lack of jobs, places enormous burdens on activists and organisations to maintain struggles and livelihoods. What options for developing resources for movements and ensuring the livelihoods of activists/ communities?

MFS. Reception Tent
Seminar Discussion Who is spying on me? Right2Know discusses their Report on Surveillance in SA with Dale McKinley.

The report focuses on increasing state surveillance on the privacy and rights of all citizens.  With Dale McKinley

WM 3
Film, Youth Filmmaker Project (Wits) The Things We Harbour by Nom’Ay Matola – A heartbroken mother haunted by memories of an abusive husband attempts to end her life and those of her sons. They survive but the scars linger. MA Auditorium

Time 16H00 – 16H50

Event Type Events & participants Venue
Tribute to JBF Patron, Keorapetse Kgositsile Poetry Competition: Start with

Republishing/ Book Launch of the classic Cry Rage by James Matthews

#Pass on the Word – JBF’s Poetry from Below –Competition.

Prizes include publishing your work.

** Book Launch – Republished CRY RAGE by Dissident Poet, James Matthews.

This Poetry Competition is a tribute to a beloved patron, Bra Willie. Every year the JBF intends to host an open mic competition & to publish the best work. In 2016, Bra Willie hosted poetry workshops with youth as part of the JBF’s theme: Youth Rising. Out of this the JBF produced the series of books for youth: #Passontheword.

MFS Children’s Tent
Roundtable Discussion Future of Worker Literature in SA? Bheki Peterson, Ali Hlongwane, Lindsey Collen & Wally Serote (tbc).

In light of the onslaught of neoliberalism on every aspect of life, unemployment, the changing nature of work, the struggle for basic survival and social reproduction, and the generalised decline of worker art and culture, is there a future for worker literature?

MFS Reception Tent

Time 17H00

Event Type Events & participants Venue
Music Jazz with Fitzroy Ngcukana MFS Tent 2
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