Position of Women in Newspapers

After twenty-five years of democracy women are still do not hold senior positions of decision-making and the media industry is still not a friendly environment despite all the conversation about gender diversity. Women need to take up strong positions in media in order for it to be gender sensitive and representative. Media is a critical tool for communication, raising awareness and influencing how women are viewed and their position in society.

According to Gender Links, “Only 36% of the top managers, 46% of senior managers and 19% of those on boards of directors in media houses in South Africa are women, although the research shows gender parity is a lived reality in the overall composition of South African media houses all these underlying factors continue to show the persistent gender inequalities”.

There is a need for an alternative gendered media and feminists need to read and write to produce their own media. Khanya’s Feminist Network is a start to building women’s capacities to write and produce SSM Newsletter. The Network runs a training in computers, internet, reading and writing skills to enable women to exercise their voice and share their stories.

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