Poetry Buddies and Tsohang Batjha


The Jozi Book Fair is one of Khanya College’s annual event which helps and promote the culture of reading and writing in indigenous languages. The Jozi Book Fair is structured into two streams which is the Poetry Buddies, that focuses mainly on children under the age of 13 years and Tsohang Batjha which mainly focuses on children from 13 years and above. The children are exposed to many things such as Theatre, Jazz, reading books, writing short stories and poems. Jozi Book Fair it is a festival that is open for schools, ovc, authors, exhibitors and public. The festival will be held at Mary Fitzgerald Square from 29 August to 1 September 2019, the 29 – 30 will bring you the school programme while 31 August – 1 September is general programme were the public is invited. Jozi Book Fair works with 49 schools in the inner city of Johannesburg but only 19 schools will participate at the festival this year. each school brings 25 to 50 learners at the festival. Learners will be attending different workshops at the fair and meeting their favourite authors however learners are reading 3 books of the authors who will be present at the fair and they will have conversation with them. Book that they are reading are; Spanner in the works by Pat Fahrenfort, Getting rid of It by Lindsey Collen and Dreaming of light by Jayne Bowling.

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