Opinions from JBF Participants


One way that Newspapers enable readers to air their views and debate issues is through opinion pieces or letters to the editor. My Class encourages you to keep your opinion pieces and letters short so we can publish as many as possible. Here we print some opinions.

Eskom is killing the nation

Eskom you killing us with high tariffs. Let the people who are stealing from Eskom pay back the money. We ordinary people have to buy electricity which is so expensive and so little. The Board of Eskom are many and yet they don’t do anything right at the ground level, they are only concerned about themselves. This load-shedding affects us and breaks our appliances and no-one in government says anything about it. Some of us are unemployed and pensioners. Enough is Enough.

By Dipuo

My tattoos do not define me

As a young woman with a tattoo in today’s society, I am deeply troubled by the constant discrimination and criticism towards people with tattoos. I plead for the older generation to understand that tattoos do not define us. They are simply a means of self-expression, fun and art. By no means do my tattoos serve as a measure of my intellect, morals, skills set or worth as a woman.

By Carey-lee


It is not right for politicians to always promise people houses every time when elections are close by. In my view politicians should keep their promises. What will happen when everyone in squatter camps stop voting. Remember, there are more people in squatter camps than in suburbs. No House, No Vote!

By Moipone Maleka

Children Vulnerable

Why do parents argue and fight in front of their children? We need to provide our children and youth with security because they are the future of our country. They learn from us, from what they observe. Let us be guardians of our children.

By Puleng Mbali

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