Message of Support


Dear Jozi Book Fair

Thank you very much for always being so consistent and prepared share knowledge transfer with our Community what a successful #JBF 2019.Tell your family that we love them so much.

Kind Regards
Belinda Hlaka Workers Museum

Many thanks to you and your team for having extended and invite to us!

Yes, it was an encouraging space to be in and good to observe those youth that participated; they demonstrated what they are able to do.

The JBF is indeed very different from related platforms that should be ‘exported’ to other cities and this can perhaps take place on a smaller scale.


Muhammed Haron
Professor of Religious Studies
University of Botswana

Great works, well done.
Will send a short report on the session with youth and the children on the #Keep it Constitutional screening on Saturday.

Sarah Motha
Foundation for Human Rights

I hope my short contribution last night serves to look at my country Bolivia as a success story, although we also have our own difficulties and challenges. But we must not rest until the poorest of the poor, those who have no voices but their votes in a democracy get hijacked and manipulated for enriching few and creating a political class that is perpetuating themselves and not delivering to the people. A luta continua my friend.

Susana Caputi

Greetings JBFf

A big thank you for inviting me to participate at the Jozi Book Fair, besides performing, my art has also been enriched by the many conversations and new friends made.

Xolisa Ngubelanga

Dear Jozi Book Fair

many thanks for the invitation and to let you know that I’d love to participate again – the JBF is a unique and remarkable event!


Michelle M le Roux


Congratulations with a very successfull and good JBF. The sessions I attended was excellent and the interaction with the few people was very good. I do feel the attendance was not too good and acknowledge my fault by not marketing the event and the JBF as much as I should have.

lekker rus en mooi bly

Mokesh Morar

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