Look who’s coming to JBF Festival


The 11th annual Jozi Book Fair Festival brings you the most creative writers of them all. This year’s festival will be held at Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg, but set differently. The Jozi Book Fair promotes the reading culture in the working class society. Just bring yourself and family to witness the spirit of reading and creativity at the festival. You will meet your favourite authors such as Jolyn Phillips, Jayne Bauling, Joan Rankin, Wally Serote, James Matthews, Lindsey Collen, Pat Fahrenfort and Futhi Ntshingila. This award winning authors will be discusing their books, having converstions with you and signing books for you. The fair is free and open for the public. For the programme and to see how it is scheduled, please visit https://jozibookfair.org.za/


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