Journalism in the time of Covid-19 (14 Nov 2020)


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Journalism In The Time Of Covid 19: In Collaboration with Collaboration with Market Photo Workshop


Date and Time: Saturday, 14 November 2020, 0900 – 1630

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The global Covid-19 pandemic has exposed for all to see the rampant inequalities and unsustainability of the current status quo. For all who may have been in doubt before, Covid-19 has without doubt lifted the veil revealing for all to see in whose interests the South African government will act upon and maintain – White Monopoly Capital (WMC).

What has also become clear during this pandemic is how ensconced the established and mainstream media, and particularly professional journalism in South Africa is with WMC, ensuring and maintaining the ideas and politics that keep WMC hegemonic. From radio to television to digital and print to social media, the South African mainstream media has pushed the narrative that “we are all in this together” down the public’s throat. The reality is that the ruling class has been taken care of with bailouts, tax cuts, and “Covid-19 relief funding” to make sure big business stays afloat during a near 6-month national lockdown. On the other hand, ordinary and working class citizens have been left to fend for themselves in the face of mass retrenchments, repressive state brutality, starvation, evictions, abuse and exploitation.

So, in the time of a pandemic that threatens to decimate the working class, working class journalism has become even more important. The training workshop is aimed at activists, and will cover basic journalistic skills, like interviewing, research, article writing, etc, but will also include important political education work that will orient working class activist-journalists towards building a working class media movement.


Cedric Nunn & San Photographers (Tommy Busakhwe & Luce Steenkamp), Market Photo Workshop Kalahari Photo and Blog

Bio of the Speakers 

Cedric Patric Nunn

Cedric Nunn was born in South Africa and began making photographs in Durban in the early 1980s. He soon moved to Johannesburg and joined the photographic association and agency Afrapix in 1982 and was a member until it closed in 1990. He has continued to work independently as a documentary photographer and artist, showing his work in galleries and museums in South Africa and abroad. Nunn has taught photography at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Wits School of Arts. He was previously also Director of the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg.  In 2011, he won the first FNB Joburg Art Fair Award. Nunn lives in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal.

Luce Steenkamp

I am a San woman that grew up in Philandersbron in the Mier area in the Kalahari and moved to Andriesvale Farm in 2001.  Andriesvale Farm is one of the properties that our community claimed successfully in 1999. The land claim victory encouraged me to leave my job as a shop keeper in Cape Town to return to my ancestral land and try to make a difference within my community. I am the Office Administrator of the Bushmancouncil Office since 2009 which is now called the #Khomani San CPA Office. Through my work I am involved in numerous community development projects which include but is not limited to eco-tourism, education, sustainable commercial hunting, traditional veldschool programs, resource use and benefit sharing agreements/ intellectual property protection. I form part of the ASF Filming Project and did a documentary with Mvura Productions about our almost extinct native language. I underwent numerous skills training, both accredited and non- accredited. I am also a Director of the Africa Human Rights Film festival, a Non-Profit Organization, whose mission is to use film to generate robust debate, empower African citizens, raise awareness, and promote respect for human rights across Africa.

 Tommy Busakhwe

My name is Tommy April Busakhwe from Askham. I was born in the Northern Cape within the Kalahari on a Farm called Eensaam Kasteel (Lonely Castle). My interest in Story Telling started when I was young and when my late Mother and Father use to tell us their children and many others stories around the fire by night. The stories they told us were about almost everything. There were stories of love, stories of sadness, stories of happiness and stories of education or very scary stories that sometimes made us close our ears and eyes – but there were also stories of hope and courage.

Facilitators: Searatoa Van Driel,

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