JBF Theme Launch: 24 March @ 11:30noon Celebrating 10 years of reading


This year Jozi Book Fair celebrates 10 years of creating reading and, we are very excited to host our 10th annual Festival and celebrating 10 years of the promotion of reading and writing. The JBF has become an educational and cultural festival that includes people from all walks of life, all art forms, and is shaped ‘from below’. The theme of this year’s JBF Fair will be launched conjointly with a book about the life stories of community health on Health Carew Workers called, ‘Our Lives, Our Communities’. which narrates the lives of the community health care workers. The launch will assist JBFhelp our constituencies, and partners and the public to understand the theme and the strategy of the JBF. The Launch takes place event will on 24 March 2018, 11:30, at the House of Movements, 123 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg.

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