JBF Spelling Bee Competition


Khanya College together with Wits University are hosting a spelling bee competition on the 16 of August 2019 at the Workers Museum. The purpose of the spelling bee competition is to encourage and increase the culture of reading in working class schools. The spelling bee competition has been taking place in previous years and it was hosted by Khanya College with the help of Wits University. The spelling bee competition has fulfilled its purpose in the past years, and only grade six learners were to participate in the competition, however this year the spelling bee is open to grade seven learners and each school will be providing the competition with five learners per school.

There are ninety learners from eighteen schools who will be part of the spelling bee competition. The learners have received words for the spelling bee competition to practice with, to help them have an idea of what it will be like and what to expect at most. All the spelling bee participants will receive a certificate of participation and there will only be three winners which will get their prizes at the Jozi Book Fair that will be held from the 29th August to 1st September 2019. Khanya College will be responsible in catering for the spelling bee participants as well as the teacher who will be accompanying the learners whereas Wits University will be responsible for prizes of the winners.

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