Invite to The Cordoned Heart: Photo Exhibition by Omar Badsha


The Cordoned Heart: Photo exhibition Opens the 10th Jozi Book Fair,

Themed: Literature and Working People

 Thursday, 30 August 2018, @ 6.00pm

Museum Africa

Dinner & cocktails.

Seats Limited – Reserve you ticket.

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 The Jozi Book Fair celebrates its 10th year anniversary by show casing a seminal photographic exhibition: The Cordoned Heart. The exhibition is a product of the photographic project of the Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa.

Consistent with the theme of the fair; Literature and working people the exhibition showcases the conditions in which working people in South Africa lived under Apartheid and the violent battles fought in the poverty-stricken South Africa under Apartheid capitalism.

This great exhibition of photographs of the working class in South Africa during apartheid sparks a discussion on whether conditions have changed since the 1994 democratic elections or do working people in South Africa still find themselves in abject poverty?

This photographic project is one of the crucial developments in the emergence of a new social documentary photography movement in South Africa. It contributed in various debates against apartheid in South Africa not just locally but internationally, it formed part of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and abroad.

The photographic project headed by artist and activist Omar Badsha who is Curator, has become a travelling exhibition that brings a rich archive of photographs of the life of the working class in the townships. The exhibition comprises of 20 photographers and a total of 380 photographs.

The Cordoned Heart Photo Exhibition Open on Thursday, 30 August 2018, at 6pm, Museum Africa, Newton. Includes a discussion with curator Omar Badsha and fellow photographer, Cedric Nunn.

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The Exhibition will run until the end of September 2018

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