Friday School programme


TIME 07H00 – 80H30

7.00am Arrival of Schools & Registration – Thank you for being punctual everyone.                                         Venues
7.30 – 8.15 Walkabout to Exhibitions
8.00 – 8.30 Welcome and Introductions MFS Reception Tent
  JBF Spelling Bee – Museum Africa 8.00 – 11.30 MA Arena
  Teachers Programme: 8.45 -11.30 MFS Exhibition Tent

TIME 8H45 – 10H00

8.45 – 10.00am PARALEL WORKSHOPS: Choose 1 Only
No Event Type Events & participants Venue
  Workshops Facilitators
1 Writing Short Stories about working people Lindsey Collen, JBF Guest 2010, Mauritian Novelist & activist MA BOARDROOM
2 Poetry Writing Workshop: Swedish Poets Jenny Wrangborg WM3
3 How to write stories about soccer Jayne Bauling MA Ground/ Restaurant
4 Writing a story to be told  Diana Ferrus MA Auditorium
5 Know your history: Workers Museum in Newtown, a former compound for municipal migrant workers Belinda Hlaka, curator of Workers Museum Workers Museum Main Hall
6 Journalism Workshop: writing  for newspaper//newsletter Magnus  Gustaffson, Sweden WM4
7 Poetry with a Rebel Dissident poet James Matthews MFS Tent 1
8 Art Workshop Erica Luttich WM2
9 Playing Mbira music Fitzroy Ngcukana MFS Tent2
10 Write a short story in your own indigenous languages Dumisani Sibiya, indigenous language novellist MFS Reception Tent
11 Reading Photography Mzwandile Maila Arena3
12 Silkscreening t.shirts Joburg  Art Gallery/Colin Groenwald WM
13 Writing lyrics – putting words to music Harmony Rhythms, Zimbabwe (tbc) MFS Food Court
  PROGRAMME TEACHERS ONLY – Reading & Education in Sweden          8.30 -10.00 Emil Boss Exhibition Tent
  Walk abouts &Exhibitions:                                                                                  1. Cordoned Heart (Omar Badsha)  – Musuem Africa 2. Transport Exhibitions – Workers Musuem

3.  Early Immigrants to Jozi – in Museum Africa

  4. Wooden Sculptor Exhibition: Women Abuse – Workers Musuem

  5. Books, Publishers & NGOs – Exhibition Tent, MF.         

6. African Diaspora – ancestors of resistance  – Courtesy: Embassy of Venezuela – Reception Tent

TIME 10H20 – 11H00

  Event Type Events & participants Venue
10.20-11.00 MEET THE AUTHORS:  Books, Reading & Discussions  [Parallel sessions]
choose any TWO ONLY:             Session 1: 10.20-10.40 and Session 2: 10.40-11.00  Ngiyokhohlwa Ngifile Dumisani Sibiya MA Auditorium 
Soccer Secrets Jane Bauling WM 2
My naam is Februarie & I’ve come to take you home Diana Ferrus WM 3
The Lushness of Love/ Cry Rage James Matthews MFS Tent 1
Worker Poets from Sweden 3 Swedish Worker Writers/ Poets – a journalist, cashier and restaurant workers  Exhibition Tent
[2 x 20min sessions] Tjieng Tjang Cherries: The Fisherman Jolyn Phillips WM 1
Batjha Kaofela Authors: Unbreakable and other stories 10 school youth – from JBF Schools. MFS Reception Tent
Writing Short stories, Enigma, and others  Lindsey Collen, JBF Guest 2010, Mauritian Novelist & activist MFS Tent 2

TIME 11H20 – 12H30

  Event Type Events & participants Venue
11.00-11.45 Tsohang Batjha Plays Gibson Kente’s – Too Late – Street Theatre – – Museum Africa  Director, Searatoa van Driel Museum Africa 
11.45-12.30 PLENARY: TRIBUTE to Poet Laureate & JBF Patron – cde Keorapetse Kgositsile – Patrons (James Matthews, Diana Ferrus, Lindsey Collen, cde Wally Serote & Open Mic   – MFS RECEPTION TENT MFS Reception Tent

TIME 12H30 – 14H00

  Events & participants Venue
12.30 -1.00 Plenary & Congratulations:PRIZE-Giving: JBF 2018 Schools Short Story Competition Winners(Thursday & Friday) and Spelling (Friday) MFS Reception Tent
1.00 – 2.00 LUNCH, GIFTS & HOME 
SCHOOLS REGISTRATION COMPULSORY: DEADLINE JUNE 30th !!!!                    STRICTLY!!Only Schools that have registered will participate in the Book Fair.Contact Jozi Book Fair: Tel 011-3369190
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