Forum CHWs @ Sweden’s Gothenburg Book Fair


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Forum CHWs @ Sweden’s Gothenburg Book Fair (26 Sept 2020)

Format:  Conversation

Date and Time: 26 September 2020, 1535 – 1600

Venue: Live on Facebook

Gauteng Community Healthcare Workers Forum (GCHWF) activists will be conversation about their victory after years of struggle for better working conditions and improved healthcare as ‘volunteer workers’, daily foot soldiers, caring for communities, Hiv/Aids patients and now Covid 19. In this conversation the CHWs reflect on their struggles as precarious women workers in South Africa (and around the globe). The CHWs will read extracts from their book ‘Our Lives, Our Communities’ as writers and readers; and the importance of a reading culture to build progressive societies.

Speakers: Ida Adonis, Doreen Mongale, Sisanda Kulima, Patricia Makhubu.

Moderator:  Maria van Driel

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