FAJ prepares for the festival


The 10th of August 2019 was an exciting day for the Forum of Activists Journalists – FAJ as they will be present at the Jozi Book Fair Festival this year. The FAJ is one of Khanya College’s project which is helping working class women and men to begin writing and reading, especially as a form of reporting. The FAJs are selected from the Gauteng Community Health Care Forum – GCHCF to be trained as community journalists.

Be ready to meet and be interviewed by the FAJs. The group boasts ten members plus two full time Khanya College staff. They write articles about what is happening in their clinics, communities and also cover two Khanya College annual events, which is the Winter School and the Jozi Book Fair.

The FAJ is in the line with the theme of the JBF, ‘Literature and Newspaper’, in order to build their own media house to cover their struggle issues and what is happening in their communities and clinics.

The workshop held this past Saturday (10 August 2019) was about the preparation of the JBF Festival. What is exciting is that the FAJ will be the in-house media that will be writing articles of each and every activity taking place at the Fair to produce the featured newsletter called ‘My Class’. The My Class is a JBF newsletter that will be publishing literary news, book reviews, new released books, while small publishers will be advertised and activities at the festival will form part of the scope of the publication.

In preparation, the FAJs were given reading materials of Spanner in the Works by Pat Fahrenfort and Getting Rid of It by Lindsey Collen and they are looking forward to meet this two authors.

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