Come and witness the power of reading!!!


The 11th annual Jozi Book Fair (JBF) that will be held from 29 August to 1 September 2019 at Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg will bring you exhibitors from self, small to big publishers that will give you opportunity to buy books at a low cost from the exhibitors. JBF it promote the reading using mother tongues in all art forms under their sloganread the word and the world’

The festival will bring you 12 different exhibitions on a free entry to buy books from the exhibitors, including in-house publisher Khanya College Publishing. Khanya College Publishing, is a response to the decline of progressive publishing initiatives that were central to the decline of progressive publishing initiatives that were central to the social justice struggle during the anti apartheid struggle. Khanya College Publishing’s menu includes the Khanya Journal, books, newsletters and booklets that it produced.

The exhibitors that will be at the festival are; Pelmo Books, Palace Of Knowledge, Missing Link Education, Penreach, The Rotary Club Of Johannesburg New Dawn, Rozani Media, Sifiso Publishers, Tokoloho Publishers, Khanya College Publishing, At TalesForChange, Eskom and GroundWork. This is to promote small publishers as they do not have space in other book fair or afford the space to exhibit. JBF gives the exhibitor stall at only R1750.00 to self, small and big publishers to exhibit at the festival. It also has an offer for the publishers who does not want to take the stall to exhibit but can sell their books through JBF Book Shop which will be available at the festival.

For more information about the exhibitors please visit Jozi Book Fair website at