OVC that works with JBF


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Centre – OVC is a Jozi Book Fair programme that deals with with organisations from townships. It is divided into two groups which are Poetry buddies and Tshohang Batjha. Poetry buddies starts from 6 to 12 years and Tsohang Batjha from 13 to 18 years old children. OVC coordinators are working with this children on a daily basis and they are teaching them how to read, draw and write. Some of this children write poems and short stories. The JBF works with 8 OVCs which are Dirang ka Kagiso, Tlhokomelo, Rena le Lona, Ikageng, Barona, PUSH, Lesedi la Thuto, and Women of destiny. JBF has workshops with the OVCs coodinators every second week of the month, two OVC coordinators represent their OVC, however the coordinators receive the computer skills and how to read and write articles during the workshop with JBF. Coordinators are encouraged to have book clubs with the children they work with also they bring the work of the children at the workshops such as drawings and poems.

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