Diana Ferrus

Diana Ferrus was born in Worcester in 1953 and completer her high school career in 1972. She completed a postgraduate degree in Women’s and Gender studies at the University of of the Western Cape where she worked as a administrator in the Dept of industrial psychology.

Diana is a writer, poet, performance poet and story-teller. Her work in both Afrikaans and English has been published in various collections and some serve as prescribed text in high school learners. Her publishing house, Dianna Ferrus publishers has published various publications including her first Afrikaans collection of poetry, Ons Komvandaan. Diana co-edited and published a collection of series about fathers and daughters, Slaan vit my ‘n masker, Vader in 2006, The mission for her publishing company is to publish writers from previously disadvantaged communities. Her company is associated with the University of the Western Cape has published life stories of three former activists and unionists namely, Liz ‘Nana’ Abrahams, Zollie Malindi and Archie Sibeko. These pu licatins contain rich material about South Africa’s past ad some prescribed texts at ther University of the Western Cape. She is a founder member of the Afrikanse Skywersverening (ASV), Bush Poets (all women poets) and women in Xchains (grassroots women writers).

Dianna is internationally known and acclaimed for the poem she wrote for the indigenous South African women Sarah Baartmann who was taken away from her country under false pretenses and paraded as a sexual freak in Europe. Dianna’s work has had and still has a bearing and influence on matters of race, gender, class and reconciliation. She is popular amongst South Africans of all race groups. She believes in her country’s future and works tirelessly for her peoples emancipation from racial, sexual and class exploitation as well as reconciliation.

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