My Class

The newsletter of the Jozi Book Fair, My Class, comes out monthly and covers various events related to the Jozi Book Fair projects, the annual JBF Festival and the world of literature and books. Book Clubs and members of the public are invited to contribute to the My Class.

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  • JBF Catalogue¬†

-is produced annually and covers debate and the programme of the JBF Festival.

Tsohang Batjha Newsletter

-Is a quarterly newsletter that is written by youth for the youth, and covers the issues and challenges the youth experience, book reviews, articles and debates.

Poetry for Friends

Poetry for Friends is written by the JBF Poetry Buddies, ages from 6 to 12 years old. It is published annually. Poetry is also uploaded on the JBF Website and FB.


Pass on the word series

– This is a special series of books for youth. The books are often out of print and inaccessible. The JBF patrons have made a sterling contribution to this series to make their work available and affordable to youth and the public..

Batjha Kaofela

– the 10 best stories from the Tsohang Batjha Short Story Competition is published in the Batjha Kaofela series for youth. In this way the youth are also writing for each other.

Little Troll

– Little Troll was first published by the JBF in English, a collaboration with the Finnish Literature organization. Little Troll has also been published in 3 indigenous languages, namely IsiZulu, Tshivenda and Sesotho to promote indigenous languages and make literature accessible.

Penny and Puffy

– Penny and Puffy was written by Zakes Mda and Mpapa Mokoane, and donated to the Jozi Book Fair. The book is a delightful story about tolerance and family, and is translated from English to IsiZulu and Afrikaans.

Indigenous Language