JBF Projects

Projects to develop a culture of reading & writing and support small publishers

The JBF has a number of ongoing projects that are implement throughout the year to further its aims and these include:


a. The Jozi Book Fair Children’s Project (Poetry Buddies)

    - The Children’s Programme encourages reading, writing and art. The                                  project prioritises work with children;

   -  Story-telling and Reading events for children that also emphasise                                      indigenous language literature and stories;

   -  Reading and writing circles at primary schools, pre-primary schools, Orphan                     and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Centres in townships, orphanages, & the public;

   -  Publishing the writing by children (poetry and short stories); and                                         creating partnerships to publish writing by children. 


b. The Jozi Book Fair Readers Project assists with:

   - Reading Skills Workshops to overcome barriers to reading amongst readers of                all ages;

   - Publications for Reading Circles or Book Clubs on how to set up and run                          reading circles; and develop good reading and writing skills;

   - Reading, Spelling Bee and General Knowledge Competitions to promote interest              in reading;

   - High School Literature Circles that include teachers and students and                              promote reading and writing at schools;

   - The Project works with various constituencies: schools, youth, women, workers              and book clubs in communities and the public.


c. The Jozi Book Fair Writers Project assists with:

   - Writing Workshops with all JBF constituencies to develop writing skills for                        diverse mediums; and feeds into JBF and Khanya College newsletters;

   - A programme of interactions between local and international writers, especially those      from Africa;

   - Creative writing workshops for readers to encourage them to tell their stories;

   - A ‘Meet the author’ programme to provide interaction between established                      writers and new writers;

   - Conversations between readers and writers, to inform writers about the stories                readers want to read, and to give writers feedback on their books.


d. The Jozi Book Fair Publishers Project

This project provides capacity-building support to writers and publishers to publish books affordably so that they are more accessible to readers. The JBF will participate in local, national and international publishing events to build partnerships and a broader movement.


e. “My Class” – the Jozi Book Fair newsletter

JBF produces a regular newsletter as a space for reading circles, new authors, established authors and publishers to keep in ongoing communication about new initiatives and activities.

Reading circles publish reviews of books read, new books from small publishers will be advertised; and new writing (short stories, poetry, prose) will be published.


f. Jozi Book Fair Website

Access to the web is vital to grow a culture of reading and writing, and to build a strong publishing movement. The JBF website will provide:

  - Assistance in the listing (and updates) of the reading circles or book clubs,                       their activities, what they reading, and their requests to authors and publishers;

 - A platform where readers, authors, and small publishers can post their events                  and writing; 

 - A marketing platform for new authors and small publishers.


g. The Jozi Book Fair Facebook page

The JBF runs a lively Facebook page to keep readers, writers and small publishers in touch with each other, and to promote networking among the partners of the Fair.