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C.LIBRARY MONITORS The Library Monitors are young leaders at schools. They assist the JBF and fellow youth to: Coordinate their book clubs to meet regularly and to read; Encourage the formation of new book clubs, and teach members how to run their reading circles cooperatively and develop good reading and writing skills; They coordinate the …


B. TSOHANG BATJHA (ARISE YOUTH) Organises and prioritises work with youth in schools and orphanages in townships to play, read and write in all languages, and exposure to all art forms; Form book clubs in school and in their community to regularly ‘read the word and the world’; TB members write and produce their own …


A .THE JOZI BOOK FAIR CHILDREN’S PROJECT (POETRY BUDDIES) The Children’s Programme encourages play, reading, writing and art. The project prioritises work with children; Story-telling and Reading events for children that also emphasise indigenous language literature and stories; Reading and writing circles at primary schools, pre-primary schools, Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Centres in townships, …


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