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Associate Professor Bhekizizwe Peterson at the University of the Witwatersrand in the African Literature Department. His writings have a wide, but specific field of interest. Ranging from Southern African literary studies, black intellectual traditions and transnationalism- looking at the black


Celebrated theatre practitioner and black consciousness activist, Maishe Maponya, began his playwright career in 1975 with his play, The Cry. His works are strongly influenced by the writings and teaching of Steve Biko and Bertolt Brecht. Calling his form of


Canadian born, Joan Rankin, has over twenty-five children’s books that she has illustrated spanning over her 6 decades career. Recipient of the South African HAUM Dann Retief Prize in 1986 and the Katrina Harris Award in 1991, both in category


Professor Isabel Hofmeyr works at the University of the Witswatersrand, in African Literature department. Professor Hofmeyr helped establish and became the Acting Director of the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa. She has a wide knowledge and interest within the


Samsom Mokeona is the coordinator at VEJA, which is the Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance. A network of organisations based in the Vaal focussed on eradicating air, water and land pollution in their communities.


Jacklyn Cock, professor emeritus in the sociology department at the University of the Witwatersrand. This author’s writings focus on the environment, militarisation issues and gender. Jacklyn’s most popular body of work is Maid and Madams: A Study in the Politics


Dr Motsoko Pheko is a theologian, researcher, political lawyer, historian and author having written several books in all the aforementioned fields of expertise. He was the representative of victims of apartheid at the United Nations in New York and at