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C.LIBRARY MONITORS The Library Monitors are young leaders at schools. They assist the JBF and fellow youth to: Coordinate their book clubs to meet regularly and to read; Encourage the formation of new book clubs, and teach members how to run their reading circles cooperatively and develop good reading and writing skills; They coordinate the …


B. TSOHANG BATJHA (ARISE YOUTH) Organises and prioritises work with youth in schools and orphanages in townships to play, read and write in all languages, and exposure to all art forms; Form book clubs in school and in their community to regularly ‘read the word and the world’; TB members write and produce their own …


A .THE JOZI BOOK FAIR CHILDREN’S PROJECT (POETRY BUDDIES) The Children’s Programme encourages play, reading, writing and art. The project prioritises work with children; Story-telling and Reading events for children that also emphasise indigenous language literature and stories; Reading and writing circles at primary schools, pre-primary schools, Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Centres in townships, …


Diana Ferrus was born in Worcester in 1953 and completer her high school career in 1972. She completed a postgraduate degree in Women’s and Gender studies at the University of of the Western Cape where she worked as a


Ronnie Govender a recipient of two lifetime achievement awards for his contribution to literature and the arts was born in 1934 in Cato Manor. His lover for theatre was motivated by oral storytelling by his mother and grandmother. Andre


Theme This year the Jozi Book Fair (JBF) celebrates 10 years of creating readers and writers amongst people of all ages; and our 10th annual JBF Festival. The promote mother tongues and all art forms, to ‘read the word and the world’. Every year the JBF chooses a theme to focus our work and deepen …


Public Call and Invite to EXHIBIT & HOST at 10th JBF Festival 2018: The 10th Jozi Book Fair Festival Theme: Literature And Working People Date: 30th August – 2nd September 2018 Venue: Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg Register to Exhibit & Host event at the JBF Festival. Price for full exhibition stand: Small Publishers – R1750 & Big Publishers – R6000 …


This year Jozi Book Fair celebrates 10 years of creating reading and, we are very excited to host our 10th annual Festival and celebrating 10 years of the promotion of reading and writing. The JBF has become an educational and cultural festival that includes people from all walks of life, all art forms, and is …


We invite alls learners from JBF Schools to participate in the Short Story Competition this year. For the past two years we have successfully published the 10 best stories in Batjha Kaofela. You can write on the theme of the JBF, ‘Literature and Working People’ or any topic of your choice to enter the 2018 Short …