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J.THE JoziBookShop The Jozi Book Shop aims to sell books affordably and accessibly to book clubs and the public. The book shop aims to bridge the gap between readers and ensure that books are affordable, and address the reality of life in the townships where libraries are few, no book shops and where bookshops exists, …


I.THE JOZI BOOK FAIR PUBLISHERS PROJECT This project provides capacity-building support to writers and publishers to publish books affordably so that they are more accessible to readers. The JBF will participate in local, national and international publishing events to build partnerships and a broader movement.


H.THE ANNUAL JOZI BOOK FAIR FESTIVAL The JBF Festival is held over four days in September, from Thursday to Sunday, and is organised around the JBF’s work with its constituencies and the public throughout the year. The Jozi Book Fair annual event includes book launches, conversations with writers, art and literature exhibitions, a networking space …


G.THE JOZI BOOK FAIR WRITERS PROJECT ASSISTS WITH: Writing Workshops with all JBF constituencies to develop writing skills for diverse mediums; and feeds into JBF and Khanya College newsletters; A programme of interactions between local and international writers, especially those from Africa; Creative writing workshops for readers to encourage them to tell their stories; A …


F.The Jozi Book Fair Readers Project assists with: Reading Skills Workshops to overcome barriers to reading amongst readers of all ages; Publications for Reading Circles or Book Clubs on how to set up and run reading circles; and develop good reading and writing skills; Reading, Spelling Bee and General Knowledge Competitions to promote interest in …


E. KHANYA JAZZ SCHOOL The Khanya Jazz School aims to link music with ‘the word’ and hosts weekly music lessons and teach children and youth to play different musical instruments; Prepare learners for music examinations; Expose learners to reading and literature in general, Provide performance opportunities for learners at the annual JBF Festival and expose …


C.LIBRARY MONITORS The Library Monitors are young leaders at schools. They assist the JBF and fellow youth to: Coordinate their book clubs to meet regularly and to read; Encourage the formation of new book clubs, and teach members how to run their reading circles cooperatively and develop good reading and writing skills; They coordinate the …